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Exploring Psychic Awareness: 102 Intermediate Level

Sunday, August 14, 2022

01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

The Iron Horse Restaurant, First floor private dining room

20 Washington Ave, Westwood, NJ 07675

Limited to 50 attendees  

$125 per person * 

(You must attend Exploring Psychic Awareness 101 before taking this class) 

This two-plus-hour intermediate-level class picks up where my Exploring Psychic Awareness 101 left off. It is structured as a general guide to help those with true psychic/intuitive ability become more comfortable with their gifts. Taking this course will not make a person psychic. Psychic ability cannot be learned, it is something that occurs naturally. This ability is also very subjective, each person experiences things on their own level.

In this intermediate level class, you will learn about various forms of energies:

  • Place energies (residual and active)
  • Living (people/animals) energies
  • Spirit energies (family/friends/higher guides)
  • Earthbound Spirit energies (ghosts/elementals)

As a participant, you will be shown the nuances of each type of energy, both positive and negative:

  • Strong does not always equal negative, when it comes to energy. In this class you will learn about the difference between the two, and how to keep strong energies from hanging around.
  • I will show you the method of protection exercise that I use to ground and protect myself from unwanted energies.
  • Know the source. We will be learning about where various energies that may affect a person come from and how to keep those energies in check.
  • For the untrained, the energy of a spirit of a friend or family member may sometimes be mistaken for something more menacing, when in fact it could be just a strong presence.

I will show you how to improve your psychic perspective for sensing and releasing energies through a guided meditation using white noise.

This will be an interactive class during which I will ask a few volunteers to test their newly learned skills on members of the class and with the place energies of the surrounding building where we will be holding the class.  

The class size will be limited to 50 people. There will be two, one-hour+ sections with a break in the middle. Water will be provided. The venue (The Iron Horse) is a restaurant, in case you would like to stay after the class and have dinner.

* Tickets are nonrefundable but may be transferred to another person.

* A ticket processing fee will be applied to your ticket purchase.

DISCLAIMER: Craig McManus/ChannelCraig, Inc. has created this class to help those who feel they have psychic/intuitive ability and wish to explore that topic further. By registering and participating in this class, you agree and acknowledge that this class does not offer medical services or medical or legal advice. This course is not recommended for those who may be suffering from severe anxiety, depression, or mental illness, and does not take the place of any prescribed medical treatment. As psychic ability is truly subjective, Craig McManus/ChannelCraig, Inc. will not be held liable or accountable for how each individual responds to the class curriculum and makes no guarantee that taking this class will help, protect, or enhance a person’s life situations. This class should therefore be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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