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Exploring Psychic Awareness: 101

Sunday, June 12, 2022

01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

The Iron Horse Restaurant, Second Floor Private Dining Room

20 Washington Ave, Westwood, NJ 07675

$125.00 per person*

This introductory-level class is a great fit for those who think (or know) they have some ability. It took me about 25 years working in the field to gain a good understanding of a very abstract part of life.In this this 2+ hour “101” level class, I will share my personal experiences as a psychic medium, to help bring understanding and insight to those who share this gift.

A great number of people have some form of psychic/intuitive awareness. Unfortunately, this natural ability does not come with an owner’s manual.

In this 2+ hour class (with a break in the middle) you will learn about natural intuitive vs. psychic abilities, various kinds of ability, and the experiences some of you may be having. You will learn how to incorporate this gift into everyday living to enrich your life experiences. There will be a lot of group interaction with this beginner’s-level class. Activities will include a group meditation, a grounding exercise, psychometry, an overview of body energy and some basic instruction for connecting to your higher energies.

Attendees need to understand that psychic ability cannot be taught, it occurs naturally. Taking this class does not offer, guarantee or make any claim that attendees will have true psychic experiences during the session or enhanced psychic abilities after the session. This class it is meant as a general guide to psychic ability for those 18 and older.

*Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable to futures classes. Must be 18+ to attend. A ticket processing fee of $7.12 will be added to your purchase.


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